Crowthorne Lodge is truly a tranquil paradise in the heart of the city. Lots of open space to breathe …  

if you find it claustrophobic in some Hotels ... this lodge will be such a pleasant surprise to you.

We are vigilant about our security and haven’t had any incidences. Touch wood.  We do everything possible to keep everyone safe.

We are geared to handle bigger groups and will transfer delegates from airports..

Breakfast is ready at 6h15, lunch with conferences and home cooked dinner available every day by arrangement.
Same day laundry service available on the premises.
irst-time guests are always pleasantly surprised at their first glimpse of the rooms. Extra length king-size beds, proper cupboards, proper study nook, kitchenette, beautiful bathroom, air-conditioning, fridge, microwave, induction kettle …  always impress.
We have specific areas for socializing and maintain a NO NOISE POLICY in and around the rooms at all times. Our business people needs to be fresh and anyone that does not respect this is at the wrong lodge and will be asked to leave. To top this off, the surroundings are so peaceful and quiet, you can hear a pin drop at night.

Breakfast is ready early to avoid the hectic Midrand traffic.
After a long day ... join us in the entertainment area, share in good conversation, play pool, darts and table tennis ... we also have a heated pool and space to exercise.
Email or call us for a quote.